These are a mixture of designs that don't fit the other categories below or do not have enough different designs currently in production to warrant a page of their own. In here you will find: Sunset/Sunrise, Sun Face, lighthouses, school logos, State Momentos and lots of other designs. Again, you are NOT limited to what you see here, if you have something else in mind.
The stones on this page represent a small selection of flowers I've done over the years. I can do State flowers. Your favorite flower. Art Noveau flowers.
Cute Critters can be anything from dogs and cats to Black Bears and mermaids riding dolphins. On this page see various breeds of dogs, birds, crabs and black bears. Dogs and cats can be custom made for your pet. Send me a picture of your pet and I'll recreate it on a stone. Pet stones can also be personalized with names and dates as memorials.
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