In an effort to incorporate 3D versions of orchids into my fused imagery designs, I began exploring the use of PMC clay in creating orchids. PMC is short for Precious Metal Clay. It is fine silver in a clay like binder. It can be worked much like clay and when finished produces a product made of .999 pure (known as Fine) Silver.  

In my case, I am taking real orchids and coating them with MANY layers of  a paste made from PMC. What is left is a fine silver version of that same orchid.

Alas, my idea to incorporate these into fused art work has not happened yet. I have run into problems with the silver reacting with the chemicals in the glass that either leave brown circles around the orchid or keep the silver orchid from fusing onto the glass. 
In the meantime though, I am left with beautiful orchids preserved in Fine Silver that I am now creating jewelry with.