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This is a new page for 2018. As I produce sell worthy pendant items, I will add them to this page. I only have a few pieces right now. Some are Glow in the dark and UV reactive. Those will be noted by their images. This page will also eventually showcase my glass Fairies and Fairy Garden Elements.
Flamework Jewelry and Fairy Garden Elements
This for me is an amusing piece. It is an Air Trap Dandelion Pendant that is supposed to be made of Glow in the Dark glass with green petals as a backdrop for the puff ball. When I went to charge the puff ball, the green background unexpectedly reacted to the UV Blacklight! LOL It does glow in the dark when sufficiently sun charged, but the dramatic effect is best seen under UV Blacklight.
It is for sale, Contact me if interested. 
UV Blacklight Reactive and Glow in the Dark pendants.