I am a stained glass artist in the Northern Virginia area. I have been doing stained glass off and on for the last 27 years. As I write this, I am astounded to realize just how long I've been enjoying this hobby. The sweet faced child on my logo is my son, who is now 22 and is proudly serving as an Airman in the US Air Force!

I love working in glass and playing with how it interacts with the light both as it goes through the glass and is reflected back by the glass. I view myself painting in glass just as an liquid medium artist paints with pigments.

I find my work tends to reflect the beauty of nature. I strive to highlight what is native to the area where I live and work. Being the wife of a  retired military member means that my work will reflect a wide variety of places. I also like incorporating other elements into my work than just the two dimensional glass. For instance the Heron fireplace screen has slag glass chunks and a fossil ammonite incorporated into the design.

​For the last few years, I have been making pieces on a Propane/Oxygen torch that burns at about 3000oF. That's me in the googly glasses at the torch on the Lampworking page of this site. I enjoy creating stand alone sculpture, beads, and pieces to incorporate into my fused pieces.

I hope you enjoy the pieces on my website. If you have questions about my work or taking classes with me, please feel free to contact me via the email link on my home  page.
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