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Lampwork/ Flamework Creations
The work below is created on a 3000oF Propane/Oxygen Torch. I melt glass rods of either Effetre/Soft glass or Borosilicate/Hard glass to create sculptures, beads, small fairy garden elements, and flowers and other pieces to incorporate as 3D elements in my fused work. 
I'm not much into jewelry so I tend to make beads to be used on useful items. Such as pens and letter openers, cheese knives, cake knives, salad serving utensils, ..... I make simple decorative beads and beads with cute little animals like birds, frogs, and octopus. 

The cake knives and Salad sets make great wedding gifts. My favorite is to make beads the colors of the wedding party. You're invited to contact me with special requests.
BURN BABY BURN! Here I am making flower parts and flowers. I make each petal or part and then connect them in the flame to make a flower. Ornaments and some of the pendants (not pictured here yet, I'm still perfecting them for market level) are made on a much larger torch. 
If you're interested in learning how to do Lampwork, feel free to contact me through the email link on my homepage.
I have been working for a few years on perfecting my hand blown ornaments. My first versions I christened as Wonky. Last year they were advertised as being Dr. Suess Whoville ornaments. I feel I am finally getting some symmetry out of them, but they are definitely still a work in progress.     But oh I enjoy making them!